DRYFT Coffee X Elia Fulmen - "Get Shit Done"
DRYFT Coffee X Elia Fulmen - "Get Shit Done"
DRYFT Coffee X Elia Fulmen - "Get Shit Done"
DRYFT Coffee X Elia Fulmen - "Get Shit Done"
DRYFT Coffee X Elia Fulmen - "Get Shit Done"
DRYFT Coffee X Elia Fulmen - "Get Shit Done"
DRYFT Coffee X Elia Fulmen - "Get Shit Done"
DRYFT Coffee X Elia Fulmen - "Get Shit Done"

DRYFT Coffee X Elia Fulmen - "Get Shit Done"

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We love partnering with extraordinary women like DRYFT Coffee's Praveena Sundarraj and Ethiopian coffee grower Bedhatu Jibicho! This gift set was curated for women who always seem to make it happen. For the lady to always finds a way. For women who creatively solve complicated problems without breaking a sweat. For your friend who has non-stop energy.  For women who make impossible, possible. 

The gift set (a $210 retail value) includes:

  • A 10 oz. bag of DRYFT small batch coffee beans
  • One Elia Fulmen 14K gold vermeil chain necklace and a Get S*!t Done (wordscramble) empowerment charm 


DRYFT's Ethiopia Gedeb comes from a women-owned farm with a fascinating story and a long history. Bedhatu Jibicho has been producing coffee for over 50 years on her 84-acre farm in Gedeb district of Ethiopia. She employs 20 year-round workers and 130 seasonal workers for the harvest, most of whom are primarily women.  Bedhatu’s family has invested in localized coffee cherry collection sites to reduce the transportation costs for other producers and has contributed to local road construction projects to improve travel for everyone.

Bedhatu has produced a clean, triple-washed coffee this season with juicy berry and stone fruit flavors and sophisticated floral notes that show best in this light roast. It's a shining example of the fruity and floral flavors possible in high-altitude, impeccably processed Ethiopian coffees. 


  • 14k gold vermeil charm measures 0.625" in diameter
  • 22" 14k gold vermeil chain designed with 20 link rings throughout the chain for hanging charms and adjusting length or style

This set arrives packaged and ready-to-give. We promise fast shipping and easy returns. If you don't love it, simply return it. 

About the Founders:

Pravenna Sundarraj is a beverage developer, coffee roaster, Q Grader and a self procliamed "coffee snob!" She grew up on her family's 4th generation tea farm in India where they also grew coffee, which ignited her passion for it.  She created DRYFT to bring high quality coffees to the US from women around the world. Women are an integral part of the coffee supply chain, but many face significant barriers participating in actual profit from the industry. DRYFT's mission is simple: roast exceptional coffee grown by women to help them to improve their lives and communities. 

Whitney Wright is the founder of Elia Fulmen, a fine jewelry company on a mission to empower women through jewelry designed to facilitate elements of research-based empowerment theory. Prior to founding Elia Fulmen, Whitney built a career working in communications, marketing, strategy and business development at Gilt Groupe and Time Inc, augmented by experiences in finance and also in hospitality at the Thomas Keller Restaurant Group. She co-founded the Athena Collective, an Alabama-based non-profit dedicated to gender equity in economic development.

gold plating vs. gold vermeil

Gold Plating

Gold plated jewelry uses copper, brass or steel as the base metal. Gold coating is applied to the base metal through a flash process resulting in a thin layer of gold that can rub off with everyday wear. There are no industry standards for gold thickness or gold karat weight for gold plated jewelry. 

Gold Vermeil

Gold vermeil jewelry must have a base of at least 92.5% sterling silver. The industry requires the coating of gold over the silver must be at least 10k and 2.5 microns (that's industry speak for 1/1000th of a millimenter) thick. All our gold vermeil jewelry is 14k because we love it's soft, sunny hue.