Empowerment is a process

How does empowerment happen?

To make lasting change happen, we need empowerment on three different levels:

#1 Empowered People
#2 Empowered Communities 
#3 Empowered Actions and Change 

We’ve designed our jewelry with Empowerment Theory in mind. Our mission is to create communities of empowered women.

It starts with you. Wear your intentions, repeat your mantras, and know the ideas and values that are important to you. Activate your superpowers. 

Then, join something bigger and stronger. Join a community of empowered women. Wear, share, and exchange ideas (and charms!) with other women. 

Finally, comes empowered action and change. Promotions. Board seats. Equal pay. Mentoring. A foundation of empowered women and empowered communities makes these actions and changes happen (and stick!).  


Wanna read one? Email research@eliafulmen.com and we'll send a paper your way. 

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