Charm n' Chain - Lotus Bloom
Charm n' Chain - Lotus Bloom
Charm n' Chain - Lotus Bloom
Charm n' Chain - Lotus Bloom
Charm n' Chain - Lotus Bloom
Charm n' Chain - Lotus Bloom

Charm n' Chain - Lotus Bloom

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Chain of Command + Lotus Bloom Charm

Our best-selling chain paired with our lotus bloom charm designed in partnership with Shop Stage to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

"Our partnership with Shop Stage and BCRF exemplifies one of our fundamental beliefs: women are stronger together. When we lift each other up and celebrate one another's experiences, we feel better, we function better, and we can conquer anything." -Whitney Wright, Founder of Elia Fulmen 

Meet the only chain you'll ever wear. Purposeful. Adaptable. Timeless. Just like you. 

Rise and bloom. 

Transcendent. Determined. Optimistic. Resilient.  

The lotus is a widely recognized symbol of enlightenment. Because the flower blooms from muddy waters, it can symbolize rebirth, purity, and the wisdom and beauty that can grow from pain and suffering. In Tibet, the flower evokes the bodhisattva of compassion. 

You've reached a seemingly unreachable milestone. You're starting a new chapter in life. You feel afraid. You're embarking on a spiritual journey. You feel accomplished. You're manifesting good for yourself or for others. 


  • 14k gold vermeil charm measures 0.625" in diameter
  • Spiral charm hook attaches to any Elia Fulmen link ring or any standard jump ring 4mm+ in diameter 
  • 22" 14k gold vermeil chain designed with 20 link rings throughout the chain for hanging charms and adjusting length or style

This set arrives in our gift-ready, 100% suede jewelry pouch. We promise fast shipping and easy returns. If you don't love it, simply return it.

gold plating vs. gold vermeil

Gold Plating

Gold plated jewelry uses copper, brass or steel as the base metal. Gold coating is applied to the base metal through a flash process resulting in a thin layer of gold that can rub off with everyday wear. There are no industry standards for gold thickness or gold karat weight for gold plated jewelry. 

Gold Vermeil

Gold vermeil jewelry must have a base of at least 92.5% sterling silver. The industry requires the coating of gold over the silver must be at least 10k and 2.5 microns (that's industry speak for 1/1000th of a millimenter) thick. All our gold vermeil jewelry is 14k because we love it's soft, sunny hue.